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Album Reviews

“it lifted me to a world of musical enlightenment.” “I’ve been left breathless and wanting more.” “beautifully crafted, full of surprises and excellent musicianship. “one of the best albums to come out of Scotland in a long time.”

“Put aside any preconceived notions and bathe in the wonder.” Aiding & Abetting

“An album of compelling, startling music, unlike anything else on the current jazz scene in Scotland.”
London Jazz News

“music that’s by turns robust and forthright, gently probing, strongly melodic and intriguingly atmospheric.” The Herald

“Sugarwork is something quite special.”
Walking Bass Buzz

“The real achievement is how Paul Harrison and his band have managed to combine two opposing sounds and make them work so well together. An intriguing piece, well worth a listen.”
The Wee Review

“Jazz combined with electronica is hardly a rare thing these days and some listeners might think it has become something of a cliché. But few have fused the elements as successfully as Harrison and his colleagues have done here, with neither aspect of the music becoming compromised or diluted. As an album “Sugarwork” convinces on all fronts and one suspects that the band must be an intriguing and exciting prospect in the live environment.”
The Jazz Mann


Phil Bancroft - Tenor Saxophone  
Graeme Stephen - Guitar
Stuart Brown - Drums and percussion 
Paul Harrison - Keyboards, piano, production, editing and mixing.